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Vitamin E and Your Heart

One of the most important components of life is oxygen and without it we cannot live. But, oxygen when entering our body can become chemically reactive molecules containing oxygen or more known as reactive oxygen and this is a natural byproduct of human metabolism. These molecules can cause major damages on our cells and vitamin E that has potent antioxidant properties can protect our cells from getting damaged by the reactive oxygen.

Vitamin E can also help to prevent your body from getting health problem caused by cholesterols. Cholesterols can be found on foods that we eat everyday, usually comes from meat and it is actually a fatty substance that when absorbed by our body, it will then transferred to the liver and then it will be stored by our body tissue as fat.

The cholesterol is transferred through our bloodstream by molecules called LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins). When this LDL get oxidized and it reacts with the cholesterol then a substance called plaque will get deposited through the artery walls and when these plaques ruptures it can cause blood clothing that could lead to heart attack.http://www.health.harvard.edu/press_releases/facts_about_vitamine

You can prevent the formation of plaques in your artery by consuming vitamin E. With the formation of plaques prevented, your blood can flow freely in the artery and heart attack can be avoided. Other than preventing heart attack, many researchers also believe that vitamin E can prevent cancer. Although there are still not enough proof to back this claim. Regardless it can prevent cancer or not, we know that vitamin E is very important to our health.

Vitamin E has been proven to be very effective on protecting our skin from the negative effects of ultra violet (UV) rays. UV is the harmful ray of the sum and it is the main cause of skin cancer and vitamin E can prevent this from happening so, if your daily activities involve working under the hot sun everyday, don’t forget to take enough vitamin E to prevent yourself from getting skin cancer.

The benefit of vitamin E does not stop just there because it has been proven that it can also protect you from Alzheimer disease and prevent inflammation of the pancreas. This vitamin can also help your body to heal scars and healing wounds. It is very good for your skin, so make sure to include food that contains vitamin E in your diet if you want to maintain a healthy skin.


Vitamin E can be easily found in fruits and actually fruits are one of the best food sources for this vitamin. An example of fruit that contain vitamin E is orange and you can eat it whole as a fruit or drink it in the form of juice it doesn’t matter because either way you still get the vitamin. Because vitamin E is very important, make sure that your daily diet contains enough vitamin E.for more details, visit the original source.

You should also invest on supplements rich with vitamin E just incase your diet cannot fulfill your body needs of vitamin E. The recommended amount of vitamin E is 1000mg per day so if your diet is not enough to give you that amount of vitamin, then taking supplements is the only way.

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